Halloween Murder Mystery Parties

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Even if you've never hosted a murder mystery party before, my complete kits will guide you step-by-step and stress free through the entire process.  

DOWNLOAD Do-it-yourself Halloween Murder Mystery Dinner Party Kits

Halloween Murder Mystery Parties

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Halloween Murder Mystery Parties

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Chief Inspector Jack Pachuta

Dear Halloween Sleuthing Colleague,

Many years ago, I began writing murder mystery parties for my friends and family as an entertaining way to spend the holidays and add intrigue to the cold Wisconsin winters. Halloween offered a particularly unique occasion to tie together the entanglements of a challenging murder mystery plot.

My murder mystery parties became hits that elicited many kudos and much excitement. So . . . I've packaged them and now sell the downloadable do-it-yourself kits worldwide via the Internet.

On this website, you'll be able to purchase and DOWNLOAD four of my most popular Halloween murder mystery parties. You'll have them within minutes after your order is processed, and you can begin planning your Halloween mystery TODAY.

Choose from:

The Cat Screamed at Midnight - one of my "classic" murder mystery scenarios that takes place on Halloween in 1936 England as a new king is being prepared for his coronation.

The Disappearance of Death - a murder mystery that has an international flair as a world-famous magician is murdered on Halloween in his hometown.

Evil Never Dies - a murder mystery with revenge at its core and a century-old Halloween curse as a vehicle for murder.

Quicker Than the Eye - a sleight of hand Halloween murder mystery with hidden clues that only the cards can reveal.

Each one is waiting to fill your Halloween with whodunit thrills and a party or mystery dinner that your sleuthing associates will talk about for years. Examine the plots and pick the one that will turn your Halloween into a memorable event.

Halloween sleuthing regards,

Jack Pachuta

The Chief Inspector